A Simple Homeowner’s Guide to House Raising

Every homeowner's nightmare is discovering that their house has a structural problem. Yet, when you consider the range of external forces that your property is exposed to, you will realise that this eventuality is more likely to happen than you previously thought. Fortunately, if you catch these structural issues early and seek the appropriate repair and restoration services, you can reinforce your structure and avoid further trouble. House raising is one of the more common repair solutions that homeowners will engage it at one point during their residency, more so if you live in a location prone to flooding. If your repair and restoration contractors have recommended this course of action, here is a simple guide to enlighten you on what to expect.

What is house raising?

Also professionally referred to as restumping, house raising refers to the process of elevating your structure above its original foundation. This elevation could range from a few inches to several feet depending on the severity of the issue that the repair and restoration contractors are trying to address. For example, while some properties require this service to safeguard against flood damage, others will need house raising to make room for foundation repairs. Contrary to popular belief, house raising is not limited to residential properties. Instead, all structures can undergo this process ranging from commercial buildings to sheds!

What goes into the house raising process?

To lift your structure, the repair and restoration contractors will utilise screw jacks and then temporary beams are put in place to provide support for the structure. This leaves room for the experts to work on repairing or replacing your damaged foundation. The contractors will then install support columns, or stumps, for the construction of new walls that will function to keep the house permanently elevated. If your property is quite heavy, the technicians will use a different approach. Rather than raise the house on its own, they will lift it along with the foundation so that they can install a structurally sound base beneath both of these structures.

What advantages does house raising offer?

Unquestionably, one of the foremost benefits of enlisting house restumping services is ensuring your residence is not at the threat of flood damage. But this is not the only way that you stand to benefit from these services. Additionally, house raising allows easy access for the repair or replacement of the damaged foundation. Furthermore, with house raising, you get the opportunity to add an extra level to your house that can be utilised as a living space, making this measure ideal for families that have outgrown their current residence.

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