Worried About Your Plaster Ceiling? Signs You Need To Call For Repairs

If you have plaster ceilings in your home, it's important that you take care of repairs as quickly as possible. Plaster damage can lead to some serious problems in your home. Two of those problems include reduced energy efficiency and an increased risk for mould growth. Luckily, proper plaster repair can eliminate the risks. However, you do need to take care of the repairs in a timely manner. Read the list provided below, and then conduct a visual inspection of your plaster ceiling. If you notice any of the issues described here, it's time to consider plaster ceiling repairs

There Are Visible Cracks

If you're worried about the condition of your plaster ceiling, the first thing you need to do is inspect for visible cracks. Some areas of concern include the ceiling corners, and the area around any ceiling-mounted light fixtures. However, cracks can occur in other areas of the ceilings as well. If you discover cracks in your plaster ceilings, call for repairs right away. If the cracks get too big, the plaster could fall from the ceiling. 

There Are Bulges In The Ceiling

If you're concerned about your plaster ceiling, spend some time checking for bulges in the plaster. Bulges can occur for a couple of reasons. First, moisture could be collecting behind the plaster. Second, deterioration could be causing the plaster to separate from the ceiling structure. Either problem is a cause for concern. Call for plaster repairs at the first sign of ceiling bulges.

There Are Uneven Plaster Spots

If your plaster ceiling is in good condition, there should be an even thickness across the surface of the ceiling. If your plaster ceiling seems to have uneven sections of plaster, it's a good idea to have your ceiling repaired. Uneven plastering can be a cause for concern. Not only that, but it can leave your ceiling with an unsightly appearance. Luckily, a fresh application of plaster will provide a smooth, even surface. 

There Are Signs Of A Ceiling Collapse

If your ceiling has areas where the plaster has fallen, or you can see loose plaster, don't postpone the repairs. Those signs are an indication that your plaster ceiling may be at risk of collapse. This is especially true if you own an older home, and the plaster is an original application. Professional repairs will restore the structural integrity of your plaster ceiling and will reduce the risk of future collapse.