4 Easy Ways To Control The Noise From Transformers

It is not unusual for transformers to produce some humming or buzzing sounds during operation. The noise is as a result of the magnetostriction effect.

While it is not possible to eliminate these sounds, there are a few things you can during assembly and installation to manage and keep the noise levels in check. Here is a rundown of some pointers to keep in mind.

1. Leave Some Space Around The Transformers

Go for a spacious transformer room and avoid placing the units too close to the wall or ceiling. Too close to both of these surfaces will only have the effect of amplifying the noise.

When constructing or choosing a suitable room for the transformers, ensure that you take into account the size of the transformers. With the unit dimensions, you will be able to choose a room with the necessary clearances.

2. Always Go For A Solid Mounting Base

Avoid mounting transformers on thin walls as they will easily carry the sound. Instead, go for a very solid mounting base such as dense concrete walls and floors. You may have to make some changes to your walls and floors and reinforce them before the installation to ensure that they are up to the task.

You should follow the manufacturer's recommendations on what qualifies for a suitable surface to mount the transformers.

3. Tighten Up All Bolts

Loose parts tend to vibrate, and it is no different with transformers. Always ensure that the bolts on the cover or enclosure of the transformers are tight at all times.

Make a point of checking the bolts every now and then and ensure that they are properly tightened. For the best results, use the right tools and leave the task to an expert.

4. Use Dampeners

There are several options to choose from when it comes to acoustical dampening materials. These include fibreglass and acoustic tile, among others, which absorb the noise as opposed to helping to propagate it further.

You may also want to look into vibration dampeners. Some types of transformers do come with vibration dampeners between the core and coil. You should also check with the manufacturer or supplier about the most suitable dampeners to use for your transformers.

With due consideration to proper assembly and installation, you can achieve excellent noise control. With the highlighted guidelines, sounds from your transformers will not be a bother or distraction to anyone.

For more information about power transformers, contact a transformer supplier in your area.