How To Install Decals on Your Pontoon Like A Pro

Have you just bought your first pontoon? Below are some useful tips that can enable you to personalise it by applying decals like a pro.

Select the day carefully

You should ensure you pick a warm and calm day when there is no wind. This is important because you are likely to have a harder time applying the decals if strong winds are blowing. Cold days also make it harder for the pontoon to dry after you have cleaned it before the application.

Clean the pontoon meticulously

It may not be enough for you to clean the pontoon with soap and water only. You may also have to spray the application area with an alcohol solution so that any stubborn grease or oil stains are removed. A microfibre towel is ideal for wiping down the surface with the alcohol solution. Thorough cleaning will ensure that nothing prevents the decals from adhering to your pontoon.

Identify the center

Many DIY decal application projects end up having unsatisfactory outcomes because the person who is applying the decals simply guessed where the center of the application area was. Do not leave anything to chance. Locate the vertical center of the application area by using a tape measure. Mark the center using a grease pencil. You should also fold the decal lengthwise so that you know its midpoint. This should be done carefully so that it does not deform permanently. The middle part of the decal will then be aligned with the mark that you made on the pontoon.

Use a sealant

Decals come with their adhesive to help them stick onto the surface where they have been applied. However, it is advisable for you to apply extra adhesives on the edges of the decals on your pontoon. You can buy a sealant pen from a DIY store near you for this purpose. That extra adhesive will give additional strength to the edges of the decals so that they take longer without starting to peel off. Wait for about two days to elapse before you can take the pontoon out to water. This will give the decals ample time to set. Decal manufacturers normally recommend a shorter setting time than 48-hours. Exceed that recommendation just to be on the safe side.

Your handiwork will be admirable if you follow the suggestions above. However, you should ask a professional for help in case you want to wrap the entire pontoon in decals.